A man’s jeans brand in original color

Levi’s high-end LVC series exclusive denim Cone Mills factory is no longer operational, but it has always been famous for its high quality denim. To prove this point, today is about the American minority jeans brand Zace. Myers (Meyers) is a freaky person born in Arizona, southwest of the United States, a music DJ, a farmer, and later to study cowboy design. The Zace Myers company, founded by himself, mainly produces jeans and clothing. He is responsible for purchasing fabrics, designing and manufacturing all his work. At first, in order to make sure that the jeans produced could be sold, it was first communicated with the farm neighbors to start sewing.

Everything Zace produces is handmade, using the Vintage tool and the Union special sewing machine (Myers’s own collection). Each pair of jeans has its own unique logo design, and it is made of the old and rugged denim.

Until Myers (Meyers) met with Meyers (Meyers) from North Carolina, it happened that the new partner was near the ConeMills factory, and they had been making jeans from the American legendary factory fabric. However, after the ConeMills closes, they plan to purchase Japanese KuraboMills and exotic Italy CandianiMills in the future.

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