A pair of tight jeans and high heels

This pair of jeans feels soft and soft, and the upper body is very fashionable. The design of a small waist, with a pair of fashionable high heels, has a slim and slender age, which can make our legs more slender, and wear a very obvious temperament, and more prominent feminine. The broken hole Niu Zi pants are equipped with a black sling vest. Vitality and good temperament in a glance, fully interpretation of the simple and not simple truth, comfortable and sexy beauty, beautiful and charming, straight long legs of the beauty of the sexy dazzling, fashionable fashion youthful fashion, all of it love, super youthful vitality.

Jeans version of the tight atmosphere is not tight, now a charming small waist, after wearing more high, fresh and delicate texture of women’s fashion, let beauty move all so charming, very beautiful and very thin. The tight jeans of this high waist appear to be very slender in the legs, and the simple style with the extreme workmanship brings you the artistic style that you want. There is no softness.

Tight jeans and tighter clothes are more thin and breathable, and the simple atmosphere is more elegant and elegant, and is unshackled. The strong street of Europe and America is very good. It is very comfortable to wear, not only to dress up but also to dress up. Jeans beauty out of fashion and elegant sense of elegance, casual and elegant and comfortable, wearing the feeling on the body is very good – looking, show the fashion beauty clean and clear temperament, wearing not only beautiful, more retro feeling, simple and elastic, all with noble and elegant temperament.

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